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Some of the challenges solved by Cillco Procure

Unused frame agreements

Many of our customers used to struggle with getting their employees to actually use existing frame agreements. The reasons were many, but Cillco Procure has solved them all.

Too many products

A big problem for customers with large ERP installations has been the need to fill their installation with lots of purchase parts they really weren't using. With Cillco Procure this becomes unnessesary!

Invoices without reference

Who hasn't received an invoice without a good reference. Nothing about who ordered or what was actually ordered. And certainly, no purchase-order reference was present. Avoid all the time-consuming detective work with Cillco Procure!

A small selection of great features


PunchWHAT? Let's explain this with an example; You're about to create a purchase order with Amazon. 10 different products. Search their store, copy description/price, paste it on the order. Repeat. Not with Cillco Procure! Here, you are elegantly transferred to Amazon, fill your basket the usual way and with one click on check out all basket details are transferred back to Cillco Procure and the order is automatically populated. Simple, and very efficient. It's called PunchOut!

Pre-negotiated discounts

Not all companies have a dedicated purchases with skills to negotiate good agreements with big suppliers.

Let us do the job for you! Cillco Procure already contains many great discount-agreements with leading suppliers, ready to be used from day one. It can't get any easier, and with the growing number of customers on this product the discounts only get better and better.

Search and see

A recurring problem, especially in big ERP installations, is bad performance when searching due to the growing number of parts registered in the system. Bad part descriptions don't help either when struggling to find the correct part. Cillco Procure comes with a state-of-the-art search engine built for speed. Either you have 100 parts or several millions, the search takes only milliseconds.  And, as the product information comes directly from the suppliers' own catalogs, image included, finding the right part is never a problem.

Cillco Procure fits all companies, no matter the size!

It's true. A company with 10 employees will benefit just as much as one with several thousands and a dedicated ERP system. The latter can off course choose to integrate Cillco Procure with the mentioned ERP system and handle the order-flow there should they want to.



But, getting a procurement system up takes a long time, right?



No, absolutely not. Cillco Procure is a native cloud solution with minimal configuration for those in a hurry. And should you need a little assistance we've got many skilled consultants that can help setting it up.


Actually, if you order today, you could be up and running already tomorrow!

  With the challenges companies face today, good and efficient digital solutions are a game changer. 

Cillco Procure is a modern tool that transforms procurement into a value creating process in your company.

We've invested heavily in this over many years and are very happy to finally being able to offer present and future customers a product it is easy to fall in love with. 

Lars Morten Nygaard
CEO, Cillco Technology



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