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Cillco procure

Procurement has traditionally been seen as a pure finance/operational exercise. But the wind is changing. Companies that fail to see procurement as a strategic value creating process will loose the ongoing digitalization battle. Cillco procure can give your company, be it small or big, a true edge. Can you afford to not have a look?

Cillco Consulting

While there is very little we can't help you with we do try to focus our efforts on our key strengths. To mention a few - Everything ERP,  IFS Cloud™ in particular, custom software development, management assistance, change management, solution architecture and project management. 

In other words, we feel confident helping businesses in many areas. Most important, whenever we take on an assignment, we take pride in delivering results that matter.


You will find one of our greatest assets - our employees.

  • They give the best advice.
  • They build the best products.
  • They deliver the best service.
As a result, they make our customers happy! 

'With Cillco Procure we are finally in control of our procurement. Not only was it easy to get going, it is also very easy to use and not least saves us a lot of money each year'

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