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Cillco Procure


Cillco Procure is a secure web portal that delivers a fully integrated procurement platform. It gives you access to a webstore with your suppliers’ products – be it products from imported catalogs or your suppliers’ own webshops.

All products are displayed with the product information from the catalog/webstore, but in addition with your individual company agreement prices.

To purchase a product, simply put it in your cart and create a purchase - just like when your shopping your private products in a webshop at home. Once done, the purchase is forwarded to the responsible buyer who will do the follow-up work: create an order, send it to the supplier and follow-up the delivery.


Did you read this? Why Cillco Procure.



  • PunchOut support
  • Requisitions and orders
  • Order receipt
  • Peppol support
  • Powerful webshop
  • Fast search
  • Catalogs and agreements
  • Open API
  • ERP Integrations
  • Pre-negotiated discounts
Cillco Procure takes a substantial workload away from your business by making business purchases as easy as private ones.
Have a look at some of the features below!

Personal dashboard

Each user of Cillco Procure has their own personal dashboard. It displays their own orders in process, and it reminds them whenever they need to take actions.
In addition, buyers have an own overview with all orders they are responsible for and all total orders.

In addition, an alert on top of the screen will give you a message if there are any orders you need to approve or process.

Personal and general lists
Requisitioners have their own personal list of products in addition to their dashboard. There is one list for purchases in process and one for product receipts.

Buyers have some similar, however more detailed lists where they can check the Cillco order processing.

In addition, they can switch between lists where they are the responsible buyer and a Cillco list with all orders in process.

The search gives you access to all orders, also those that are completed or cancelled.

You can adjust the search to your personal needs, add or remove search fields and save favorite searches.


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The Webshop

For your requisitioners, everything will feel like one homogenic solution they pick their products from. But it’s actually three:

  • Your supplier’s product catalogs (converted to Excel)
  • Your supplier’s own webshops
  • Other products that are not in the webshop or catalog – or with different

Your suppliers’ product catalogs that have been imported from Excel, are displayed in a webshop with pictures, detailed information and more.

Everything is familiar from standard webshopping – also the left-hand filter where your requisitioners can easily filter by supplier or product category. It is also possible to add personal favorites.

And your suppliers’ own webshops? Just the same as before – simply that you now get a button where you can transfer the products to Cillco Procure

Order processing

After the requisitioner has created the purchase in the webshop – an order is generated, and the responsible buyer is informed.

Any status change will be displayed on the buyers personal dashboard. And in case a colleague is sick, each buyer has also access to other buyer’s orders and can thus help out.

Order details
You can add attachments – either for the complete order or single order lines. Also, you can receive single order lines, add comments on the order or on single order lines, cancel order and order lines and view the history with details about status changes, comments and more.

Receiving products
Once the products are delivered, the buyer or requisitioner (dependent on your business processes) can register the receipt in Cillco Procure. If not all products are received, the order will get the status “Partly received” and remain in the system. Only if all products are received, the purchase is complete and the order is removed from the standard lists.

Do you want to know when a order was created? Or who has registered the receipt of a product delivery? Go to the history and check: You have now access to the complete order history - even on line level with updates on receipts, email recipients dates and more.




A brilliant way of ordering from big suppliers. With PunchOut you don't have to fill your own systems with thousands of parts. Just use the suppliers own webshop, fill your basket and bring it back to Cillco Procure to finalize the order. Easy and extremely efficient.

Also, if you already have an ERP system, like for instance IFS Cloud or Unit4, but lack the valuable PunchOut functionality, Cillco Procure can act as an integrated bridge with your ERP enabling this powerful feature. 

Cillco Supplier portal

Our Supplier Portal takes a substantial workload away from your business by empowering self-service for B2B partners.

This means your suppliers can process purchase orders and invoices, write despatch advices and update business-related information themselves – so you don’t have to.

Access control
Ingenious access control ensures that all users can only see information that is really relevant for them; and they can only change information they are responsible for. Be it administrators, suppliers, purchasers or any other business role.

Of course, supplier, administrator, purchaser and other business roles are pre-setup – so you won’t need to spend time on this.

Advanced integrations
The portal will be integrated with your backend system such as IFS Cloud and comes with fixed integration to Complete Control 5. Also, you can use the portal to import catalog data from other backend systems into your your own backend so that yours and your suppliers’ product data is synchronized.


  • External users
  • Supplier Surveys
  • Secure- Integrate with ERP
  • Supplier communication
  • Self service
  • Dispatch advice
Cillco Supplier Portal takes a substantial workload away from your business by empowering self-service for each and every B2B partner
Have a look at some of the features below!

Personal dashboards

Have you ever thought about how many purchase orders, invoices, emails and more your employees and suppliers must deal with every day?

With their own personal dashboard your purchasers and suppliers can collaborate in real time – with all information they need at their fingertips:

Whenever there is a new released purchase order from the integrated backend system, whenever an order or invoice has changed status, any new message from the supplier - your purchasers will see it and can take actions immediately.

On the other side of the portal, your suppliers get the same information at the same time. No more unnecessary delays. No unnecessary information overload. Everyone will get an up-to-date complete overview of what has been done by the counterpart - and what needs to be done now.




Supplier communication

Why resort to all sorts of unstructured communication when you can have everything in one place?

Discuss invoices
In addition to your purchase orders, the portal also displays invoices sent by your supplier. You can view received invoices, paid invoices and due invoices. The latter are also highlighted with a counter on the responsible purchaser's dashboard as they need special attention. And in case there are irregularities with an invoice they are highlighted as "Disputed" - also in this case with the possibility to exchange opinions directly on the invoice.

Write instant messages
Your employees and suppliers cannot only view data and make changes to it. They can also discuss everything in-context: So, when your purchasers have, for example, questions related to an invoice, they can simply jump to the invoice in the portal and write the message directly on the invoice - or even the related order line. This will substantially reduce mutual misunderstandings.

To ensure that recipients read their messages immediately, we have implemented an own Messages section and a counter on the personal dashboards highlighting any new messages.

Supplier Self-service

Your suppliers can update their own data – so you don’t need to do so. Each supplier working with the portal can enter their own person information such as name, address and contact data. Also, general supplier information such as addresses, preferred communication and contact persons can be added and updated. Of course, you can enter several addresses and communication types.

Once your suppliers have added or changed their data, you will be able to view it both in the portal and in your ERP system if the integration is set up. No need for your employees to do any additional manual adjustments.




Supplier Surveys

Have you ever thought about asking your suppliers where you could improve? Or which products they like best? Or anything else? But it was just too much of a hassle?

With the Supplier Portal, you can quickly create and handle surveys and send them out to your suppliers. Suppliers will get the surveys on their Supplier Portal and can answer your questions directly. On your side of the B2B connection, you can monitor this process by checking the status of the survey:

Which suppliers have answered? Which users? And have they only answered some questions, or have they submitted the complete survey? This ensures that you get all answers you need - and more.

Your system administrators can create surveys with questions and a "hint" for answers, taking in use all frequently used design elements: Multiple choice lists, Single choice lists, Free text fields, date fields and more. They can also define mandatory and optional answers. It is even possible to require attachments.

Cillco Cloud

In an ever fast changing digial world running and building business applications becomes more and more challanging. Cillco Cloud is built so that you as business owner can rest easy, while we do the heavy lifting. It’s a true secure native cloud platform where our standard product offerings run side by side with your custom applications.



Application security patching, runtime and source code virus scanning, authentication, access control, key handling, backups and much more. It’s a security first platform.



Cillco Applications are hosted in Microsoft Azure with main datacenter being located in Norway East. More zones available on request.



Servers, services, traffic, integrations, applications and all between is constantly monitored. Uptime reported online.



Automatic deployment, continuous monitoring, around the clock operations, application insight, incident handling, status reporting and more. Let us worry about availability.



It’s true for most business applications. Data must be shared. All our applications are built on openAPI technologies and the platform has a strong integration engine built into it.



It’s not obvious how to solve authentication in this fast moving business. We support most known providers.



It’s true SaaS, even for custom applications. If more resources are needed, more is added automatically. Multi region capabilities.



Cillco Applications offer several ways to store your data. It’s secure, it’s fast, it’s scalable. Specially tuned for business applications data.


Application Components

UI/UX visual components, backend  components, API generation,  integration engine and more.

You may not want to handle all this internally – leave it to us, it’s what we do!
Lars Morten
Lars Morten Nygaard
CEO Cillco Technology

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