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The terms set out herein apply to all use of the Cillco Service unless otherwise explicitly set out in the Cillco Subscription Form, the Software Service Agreement or otherwise agreed in writing between the Parties.
Cillco customers depend on stability and integrity with respect to access to our Services, as well as solutions and applications, maintained and supported by Cillco. Service stability is a key priority for Cillco in all operations.
This Service Level Agreement describes which expectation our Customers can have with respect to Service availability and error correction in the event of disruption of service and other support requests. The services under this Service Level Agreement will be available only for the appointed administrator users of the Customer who in turn will be responsible for managing service requests and inquiries from internal and external parties.

1.    Overall responsibilities to maintain availability and performance of the Services

Cillco undertakes to establish and maintain a service organization available to assist the Customer in a timely and professional manner in the event of software malfunction or other errors to the service and/or additional service requests made by the Customer. 
Even though Cillco cannot guarantee that the Service as defined in the Software Service Agreement will be performed error-free or uninterrupted, or that Cillco will be able to remedy errors or defects that occur in the Service, Cillco will use all reasonable efforts to ensure that all Customers have continued and reliable access to the Service. Consequently, Cillco will respond to the Customer service inquires in accordance with the service levels and routines as described in this Service Level Agreement.

2.    Service availability

Cillco is responsible for hosting, maintenance, and supervision of the Service, including all applications deployed through the service, including technical infrastructure, hosting and functional performance. In principle, the Service shall be available for the Customer all day all year, other than in the event of planned maintenance or scheduled downtime. 
Any planned downtime with effect on end user applications with an expected downtime of 15 minutes or more shall be communicated to the Customer a minimum of 3 working days in advance. Scheduled downtime shall be planned to time periods when expected use of the Software is at a minimum (e.g., nights).
In the case of any unexpected downtime, Cillco shall promptly investigate the root cause of the issue, and as soon as possible inform the customers through, including information about a plan of action and best estimate of time to completion. Cillco shall keep the Customer regularly informed with current status of the issue until the Service is restored. However, Cillco cannot be held liable for any costs or loss, direct or indirect, that the Customer might incur as a result of lack of availability of the Service. 

3.    Warranty incidents; Software flaws and errors

Cillco undertakes to initiate action to correct software malfunctions and errors covered by the Cillco warranty as set out in the Software Service Agreement upon request of the Customer. 

Upon receipt of notification from the Customer, Cillco will initiate work based on the following priority schedule system:

Priority     LA     Definition
P1 Cillco will respond to P1 incident within two (2) hours, and initiate error correction within four (4) hours   A P1 incident is a reasonable request by the Customer for support or information, or a monitoring alarm received by Cillco directly, in connection with software in scope, in circumstances in which the system(s) are completely unavailable or are imminently expected to be completely unavailable or significantly impacted, or have breached defined critical capacity thresholds
P2 Cillco will respond to P2 incidents within one (1) working day and initiate error correction within two (2) working days. A P2 incident is a reasonable request by the Customer for support or information, or a monitoring alarm received by Cillco directly, in connection with software in scope, in circumstances in which the system(s) are malfunctioning with an impact on service but where such impact does not constitute a P1 category incident

Services are provided only within normal office hours, 08:00 to 16:00 CET. Availability outside office hours are available upon request unless covered by the agreed SLA. 


4.    SLA exclusions for software flaws or error

Cillco is not responsible for any failure to meet any obligation under this Service Level Agreement relating to software flaws or errors for which Cillco is responsible under the Software Service Agreement in the following situations:
  1. Where the failure is caused by planned maintenance. Planned maintenance is maintenance of which notice has been given in advance to the Customer by Cillco. Usually Cillco will endeavor to give at least 1 weeks’ notice in writing of planned maintenance, but this may not always be possible in cases of emergency or upstream vendor maintenance.
  2. Where the failure is caused by the Customer, through either a failure to comply with the Customer obligations in this Service Level Agreement or the Software Service Agreement or a failure of equipment or utilities supplied or controlled by the Customer, or through a failure to follow the requisite change control and reporting obligations, hereunder where the failure is the result of modelling errors or similar circumstances controlled by the Customer..
  3. Where the failure is caused or extended by a failure by the Customer to fully assist Cillco in fault correction (for example by preventing or delaying access to Customer premises or where a designated Customer contact is unreachable using the agreed contact details).
  4. Where the failure is attributable to errors, malfunctions, updates or similar changes in and to software systems to which the applications have been integrated.
  5. Where the failure is caused by any other circumstances that are beyond Cillco’s reasonable control.


All inquiries concerning software flaws and errors under this SLA shall be reported to the Cillco Service Desk at, or by e-mail to 
All inquiries shall include a clear and evident description of the situation, and must thoroughly explain the behavior of the event and its consequences for the use of the Service, as well as a description of the proposed assistance needed. 


Additional assistance by Cillco relating to the use of the Service is provided as a payable service under this SLA. This also includes requests for information or user assistance or training that is not the result of a software malfunction or error. In the event that no specific agreement has been established, any and all services requested by the Customer will be provided on a time and material basis at applicable rates set out in section 7.
Service requests shall be made to the Cillco Service Desk at, or e-mail to

7.    Fees and costs

All service assistance that is clearly and evidently a result of a software error or malfunction, as defined above and for which Cillco is responsible, shall be provided at no costs for the Customer. 
All other services will, unless otherwise agreed, be provided on a time and material basis. Cillco will maintain accurate records of all billable activities performed by Cillco throughout the Assignment, and provide a copy of such records together with invoices to the Customer. 

8.    Term and termination

This Service Level Agreement shall remain in force for the full term of the Software Service Agreement under which the Customer is granted access to the Services and lapses upon the expiry of the Software Service Agreement.


9.    Governing law – legal venue

This Agreement is governed by the substantive laws of Norway and any and all disputes related to the Agreement are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Oslo Tingrett (municipal court).

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01.11.2022 (Current)

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